Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finest Couples on Halloween Costumes

Couples costumes are an excellent choice for Halloween fun. If you are spending Halloween with that certain someone special for you, dress in a matching theme will make for a great evening. The first step is to decide on a general theme for your costumes. Do this by asking each other the following question: Do we look funny, scary, or sexy?

Funny Costumes

Funny costumes is to look at things that normally in pairs. Bacon and eggs, salt and pepper shakers, a plug and socket. Dress up as everyday objects is almost always guaranteed to get a laugh and make you stand out from the crowd. Another good choice is to dress as a famous celebrity couple already in the news, such as Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Scary Costumes

Vampires are hot this year thanks to the overwhelming success of Twilight, True Blood, and a host of other vampire movies and TV shows. Throw on some teeth and a black dress and go as a vampire and a victim, complete with biting and makes light colored make-up. Another great couples costume is the devil and Hook, who cooperate well with the extremely contrasting characters.

Sexy Couples Costumes

A popular choice this year for couples is a classic, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf! This costume pair provides many degrees of sexiness, and a large male-female combo. Alternative switch things around could lead to some hilarious results, imagine a man riding hood with a female wolf!

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