Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Coolest Couple Halloween Costume Ideas - Matching Costumes So Easy

So this Halloween, why not you and your friend wear matching Halloween costumes. It is a great idea and great fun. Here are three of the coolest Halloween costumes ideas for two people. They are creative, simple and easy. I hope they inspire.

Grapes and Wine: squash me, if you do not believe that this is the coolest Halloween costume for two more. And wait until you paint on their faces, their cargo fun.

Grapes, you should choose one color - green or purple. And then to adapt to find a long-sleeve body, extra thick tights and a pair of socks, a ski hat and a big bag of green or purple balloons. Once all dressed in purple or green, have fun with face painting. Not near the hairspray will do. If you have a little help, you do not have to spray their hair green. Take the tip of a pair of socks and make yourself a stocking. Throw in the Fedora and start your balloon.

Wine, ready in a crate. Go pick up a big box from the supermarket and a wine box. Invite a few friends over, open the wine and get that cardboard painted white. Then take the empty box of wine, rinse it out and spread it! You want to keep (the wine on your freshly painted cardboard box once it has dried well, of course). Or simply choose a wine label and use the brush to reproduce or use the software on your computer and creative. Then you cut holes for head and arms. And Finally, tape a bag of purple liquid on the front of the box. You can always pick up some sparkling Ribena, add a tube and go around with free samples.

Bonnie & Clyde: This cool Halloween costume for two, a trip to the thrift store is a great idea. Just Google for pictures of the couple, and make sure you have a few pictures of them with you as you shop.

Bonnie wants a blonde wig, a black dress, a few more loopy chains and some fish net stockings. A stretchy black headband that can be Accessorized with black sequins and white feathers will go with him. Do a fake diamond ring, some high heels and see if you can find Ritzy fashioned cigarette holders.

Clyde: You have an old-fashioned suit and a black bowler hat and a bell-chain to be located on the inside of the bag. Then add a fake mustache. And get ready for your Heist.

The Crayola Crayons: This is a charming Halloween costume for two unlikely that you, when asked who you are. Any Crayola must do the following: Choose a color - pink or blue or green, yellow, or maybe your color. Then two pairs of thick black socks, cheap white runners, a white sheet and a few cans of paint (black is, and what you Crayola) is the color. They also want a box of Crayola crayons, so the logo. Start by using a cone-shaped hat made of cardboard. Then you cut your hand, making it roughly the size of a medium towel. Now paint the leaves with the Crayola logo, your shoes and hat.

When ready to Crayola in your costume, you start to pant. Put on a panty, pantyhose want. Use the other pair for the poor. It cut a hole in the pantyhose on the head. You would want a mini-shirt and jean shorts Before you run your hand. Now, wrap the sheet around you and learn at the back with a few safety pins.

Then you have sprayed belt with a string on a pair of white socks and gloves, put new runners.

Happy Halloween! And enjoy your Halloween costumes for two Cool.

And remember, the real test, if your pair is cool costume or not, when you separate from your other half to the Halloween party and people will come to you and say: see, "Did not you ...? "


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