Thursday, October 1, 2009

Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Costumes have become the ultimate attire for celebrations during Halloween or other theme parties. The online world is full of fancy dress stores where people can either buy or rent out halloween costumes for adults, kids & couples. Famous couples costume ideas are great for married couples attending a halloween or a masquerade ball party. Couples halloween costumes made up with a combination of little humor & thrill are always appreciated in halloween. There are numerous famous couple ideas for halloween, & choosing the perfect match for a couple can really be a challenge.

How to Choose Couples Costumes

For couples costumes to be fun & enjoyable, both the partners should feel comfortable wearing it not only in terms of style but also in size. The famous couple costumes are sometimes found to be revealing a lot about the couple wearing them. It can be romantic, real & historic or generic depending upon the taste of both the partners in a couple whether they are just friends, married couples or a hot pair. It is always good enough to choose couples costumes that reflect personality of both the partners in a relationship as it will be more noticeable & may lead to assumptions about favorite hobbies, interest or movies as well.

Famous Couples Costume Ideas

Every couple can pick up from a wide range of couple costumes belonging to any of the three categories called generic costumes, fictional couples costumes or real couple costumes.

Fictional Couple Costumes

Fictional couples costumes are easier to choose from & give couples the opportunity to choose a fun event that both of them enjoy participating in. From science fiction to silly to hollywood costumes, it has dozens of options including Romeo and Juliet, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Ken and Barbie, Cinderella or Snow White and Prince Charming, Santa and Mrs. Claus, Tarzan and Jane, Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty & many others.

Real & Historic Couples Costumes

Real or historic famous couple costumes are easily available or could even be customized with the matching accessories, wardrobe & the right hair style. Couple in historic costumes seems more matured & is easily recognizable. Any couple may dress up in any of the real famous couples costumes like Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. and Laura Bush, Jack and Jackie Kennedy, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe & Cleopatra and Julius Caesar or Marc Antony that can really make great costumes in parties.

Generic Costumes

A vampire couple, corpse bride and groom, cheerleader and football player, an electrical plug and socket, Mustard and ketchup bottles are just a few generic couples ideas which give couples flexible & alternative costume ideas when no famous couples seem to be suitable enough.

Most of the time newlyweds as well as unmarried couples use famous couple costumes ideas to show up their relationship in a more convincing way. Choosing famous couples costumes helps them share the spirit of the event in a fun & entertaining way.

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