Friday, October 16, 2009

Home Made Couples Halloween Costumes

If you like to do everything together, why not dress up for Halloween together? Here are some ideas for Halloween costumes at low prices for couples.

A Pair of Fluffy Dice

You will need two large cardboard boxes, and enough fluffy fake fur fabric to cover them. Cut holes for head and arms to pass, and glue the fabric on the outside of the boxes with craft glue.

Cut circles of black felt for a number of pieces and glue to the fur fabric, using a real dice as a guide. Take a length of black rope and tie each end die. When sweat pants under the dress and the color of fake fur or wear black and empty matches.

Adam and Eve

There are two versions of this modest dress and dirty. Select the desired!

For the modest costume, you need two pairs of sweat shirts and pants as close to a flesh color that you can get. If you can not find the right color, dye shirts plain sweat pants and a white suit. If you choose thick warm fabric, you can wear Halloween costumes to the most cold outside!

Cut four large fig leaves in pieces of green felt. Glue the fig leaves to the right parts of the costume. Wreaths of ivy and fake you buy the day before her execution of an apple, and Adam carries a rubber snake.

For the naughty version, stick or sew fig leaves to found a flesh color and flesh colored bikini underwear. Preferably keep these costumes for indoor wear, unless you want to freeze suffered a number of sensitive areas!

Ozzie and Sharon Osborne

Ozzie: You have a long black wig, shirt, heavy metal T, black pants and sunglasses. Paint black circles under your eyes for a haunted look again if you glasses. Remember to add remote at all, so you can yell for Jack to help.

Sharon: Wear a sexy black dress, fishnet stockings and elegant and your hair with gel. If you are not black hair dye with spray on hair dye use. Do not forget the red lipstick and sunglasses. Some tears in the fishnet is a nice touch, and you can copy to a tell-all book.

Fred and Wilma Flintstones

Fred: For this costume you need an oversized orange t shirt, one that depends on your knees. Cut the bottom of the t shirt and sleeves into points. Cut a slot in the front of the neck so the collar of the t shirt hanging open. Glue a piece of black fake fur inside collar of the t shirt for chest hair (or use your own!).

Take a blue scarf and shred the tips so it looks battered. Tie this around your neck for the collar of his shirt cut to weigh on her like a shirt collar.

Wilma: You can Wilma costume with a short skirt and white top and a white shoulder. Cut the bottom of the skirt into points. Wires big white beads on the thread and tie around your neck. Spray your hair with an orange dye and its use in a bun.

A pair of Real Babes

You need a set of light blue and a set of sweat-shirts and pink pants. Cut two large bibs and towels decorated with applique or fabric painting, one can say Baby Girl and Baby Boy, or use fun nicknames. Top of cute knitted caps in pink for girls and blue for boys.

Wear this set on the flesh color sweater and trousers when you go outside. Carry dolls and lollipops, and grab all the candy!

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